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Our Services

Quality Built Homes

Booher Construction is well known throughout central Illinois for master craftsmanship of new homes and remodeling work.  For long lasting quality of your home, or remodeling work on you current residence, call Aaron Booher at Booher Construction. If you have any questions, you can call Aaron and he would be happy to give you his advice.

Maintenance Work

Maintenance work is not only for buildings, but also homes. 

Windows do not last forever and need replacing as the home ages. If you have been living in your home for a long time, outlets and wall switches crack with age and become a fire hazard. Cracked foundations cause leaking basement walls. Flooring, including tile, need to be replaced when they are cracked. Gutters which have not been regularly cleaned out cause rotting eaves. Termites and carpenter ants may cause major structural problems. These are only some of the things that can happen to your home if there is no regular maintenance, especially in elderly people who cannot do the job themselves.

There is always the risk of hiring a contractor that comes in with a low bid. They often produce shoddy work with low paid non-skilled workers. If a contractor asks for up-front money, BEWARE! Before you decide, get references! We can provide references as well as examples of recent renovations. Always remember the old saying, "A cheap man (or woman) pays twice"!

Could your company benefit from contracting your maintenance work out? A few reasons that you should consider:

Repairing Damage to your Home or Building

Last winter caused cracked water pipes and major damage to some dwellings. We were called in the restore an apartment complex that suffered cracked pipes, ruined floors and walls.

We also repair fire damaged structures.










Home Renovations

Many homeowners think it is time to move when they run out of space or their home is outdated. De-cluttering and renovating is sometimes cheaper than moving. Even if you are thinking of selling your home, renovating kitchens and bathrooms will get you more for your home than leaving a fixer-upper, not to mention your house will sell faster. Even with a limited budget, we can add value to your home. See our photos for some recent renovations. We are always happy to discuss your options with you!

Custom Cabinetry

 If you want to replace your cabinets, but don't want contractor grade or the "same old same old", our expert carpenters are also talented woodworkers. they can work with any type of wood, exotic or common, and give advice on the type of wood most suitable for your project.